The Original Supalok by Mike Hanzlik: perhaps the finest effect of this type ever created


Created by Master Locksmith, Mick Hanzlik, the Supalok . A highly recommended item for close-up or stage work. Effect: The performer hands out a brass bodied padlock, familiar to just about everybody, and four keys. From this moment, the performer does not touch the lock or keys. He asks the spectator to find the only key that will open the lock. All four keys are tried, but none of them will open the lock. The performers then says, “That’s because I’ve got the only key that works.” He then gives the spectator this fifth key and it opens the lock. The open lock is then locked onto the spectator’s finger ring, jacket buttonhole, etc. and the keys are mixed up. The performer then says that he will use his powers to try to influence the selection of the correct key. The spectator chooses a key, and this is discarded. He chooses three more, which are also discarded, leaving just one. He tries this key and the lock opens! Crafted for precision and perfectly engineered. A highly recommended effect for stage, cabaret, stand-up or close-up. As used by top professionals such as John Archer and Danny Hunt.  This is the MIDI.  The lock is approximately 2×3 inches.

I have pried this original well under it’s later copied version price. Get the original from master locksmith Mike Hanzlik!

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