The Pillar of the Magi


A faithful re-creation of this fantastic turn of the century prop.  Made in an edition of 4 by master craftsman Paul Lembo in 2008.  Please read the product description below for details.

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The Pillar of the Magi is an exceptional effect first introduced in the late 1800’s..  You can find it it many early catalogues of superior apparatus.The effect is a card is chosen and shuffled into the deck.  The deck is then placed in a houlette which is located in the interior of the base supporting a column with a beautiful eagle at the top. At the magicians command the cards shoot into the air and one card only is captured by the eagles beak.  That is the selected card!  A more spectacular card effect cannot be achieved!

This effect was unbelievably re-created by Paul Lembo.  He made four of them and that is it.  He made it as if it were made in the later part of the 19th century with no electronics!  This is faithful  recreation done with a spring wound motor and a clutch release mechanism.   It is an incredible piece of craftsmanship.  This one I feel is special because it was made specifically for me.  I sourced the solid brass eagle which is larger than the others.  I also sourced the column which is from a solid brass  1900 store fixture so it vintage.

Operationally, there is a powerful spring wound motor that is wound with a key and held in place by a brass clutch mechanism.  Three is a clockwork release that delays the release of the spring from  from 10 to 15 seconds depending upon your own settings.  Yous can trip the lever on the rear and walk away before the fountain of cards begin. The cards themselves are shot into the air via a strong thread as the motor unwinds and the chosen card is captured in the beak of the eagle. The illusion is perfect and looks as good as any electronic card fountain you will see..  There is an internal deck switching mechanism for you to switch the deck you take into the audience for the prepared deck.  It is all done within the box after you put  the ungimmicked deck in.  A lever on the rear of the Pillar switches the deck automatically.  This gain is built with similar components  that  Robert Houdin would have built it with in the 1870’s. It is remarkable.  The Pillar comes with a video instruction of the set up and the performance.

If you ever wanted a Pillar of the Magi not many have been made or reproduced.  I have never seen an original one. Only John Gaughan, Milson Worth and Paul Lembo to my knowledge have re-created them (at least commercially) and all in very small quantities.. Paul is the only faithful re-creation to my knowledge as the others are battery operated. Paul’s 4 sold out fast.  This was built in 2008.

The brass part of the eagle itself is 11 inches tall. The base is 12 inches square and the entire unit is 33 inches tall. Comes with video instructions.

Perhaps your only  chance to own it at a very reasonable price.

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