The Retention Box by Vern McCarthy: amazing! No longer made!


This has it roots in John Kennedy’s Mystery Box.  The effect is similar but the apparatus totally different and a mechanical masterpiece!

In this effect the following is true:

  1. The box is locked on the table
  2. The card is loose in the box and not connected in anyway. It is an entire card and not just a quarter.
  3. The card obviously comes out of the box itself. There is no shuttle pass involved.  Yes it does come directly from the box.
  4. The locking gimmicks make it possible to immediately hand it out without the  spectator having any chance of discovering the secret.
  5. You can use billets, bills etc. This has much more opportunity for use than just a card box.  It can switch, appear and vanish items.

If you do not like this you can send it back and I will pay shipping both ways!  It gets my highest recommendation!

The box is 5x4x3.8 inches. It is a hand crafted masterpiece!

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