The Thompson-Holbrook Headline Prediction: Only three made for professional use: rare!


One of the best headline predictions ever invented by Johnny Thompson and Hal Holbrook for their personal use.

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THis is something special. Not often to you get a chance to purchase something designed by professionals for their own use. This was co invented by Johnny Thompson (yes that Johnny Thompson) and Brad Holbrook.  Three were made and three only. One for each of the inventors and one for Claude Crowe who owned this one.  The instructions that come with this document that fact.

It is the most clean and sure fire headline prediction you will find.  Built expertly and perfectly to handle professional use.

In effect a prediction is mailed to the “predictee” who is asked not to open it but to bring it to the show the evening of the performance.

The prediction is brought forward (anytime during the show) placed on a clipboard which is then placed on a clear acrylic stand for all to view.  When the time comes for the revelation, the envelope is opened and two individual envelopes are inside, marked one and two.  The spectator opens and reads  number one and reads a letter form the magician describing the circumstances of the effect including the fact that both envelopes are sealed and secured..  Once the spectator agrees that all is true and fair he opens number two and reads the prediction which is proven to be correct!

You get the stand, the clipboard in beautiful acrylic and additional gimmicks. The clipboard is 9.5 by 13.5 inches (someone will ask).  Keep in mind that this was invented by Johnny Thompson and Brad Holbrook specifically for their use. They did agree to have an extra unit made for Claude Crowe who owned this one.  There are only three out there!

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