The Ultimate Thayer Dr. Albo and Phil Schwartz: one of the finest magic books ever produced


  1. An oversize, 9” by 12” hardbound volume of pictures and history of Thayer’s magical life.  This has more than 250 pages and is in full color throughout.
  2. A second, matching volume with color photos of more than 400 pieces of Thayer-Owen apparatus, with catalog descriptions and additional information.  This also has more than 250 pages in full color.
  3. A folder containing ten DVDs of performance of the apparatus shown in the second volume, plus historical footage dating back more than seventy years.
  4. A reproduction of the true first Thayer Catalog (yellow covers, not red) including the loose photos, as issued.  This is reproduced from the only known complete copy, which is in my collection. This is in an envelope on the inside back cover of the first volume.
  5. A beautiful, newly minted Thayer commemorative token housed in an envelope on the inside back cover of the second volume.
  6. A hardbound slipcase to hold all of the above, lavishly decorated in gold on black cloth (Thayer colors)

Only 400 sets produced. In like new condition complete. Mr Schwartz and Dr. Albo produced one of the finest magic books of all time.

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