The Un-Lock from Eric Samuels and Mentalism Tools: sold out!


This is brand new never opened and sold out from Eric Samuels.  It is a fantastic effect.

Eric Samuels Mentalism Tools props are some of the most well known and diabolical tools for todays Mentalist.

Effect: A lock is handed to a spectator.   They are asked to try a 3 digit  combination that they may remember from the past. The lock does not open.  A clear bag is then shown to contain a number of disk with random numbers.  The  spectator is asked to remove one.  They do and drop the numbers back into the bag. The next spectator does the same but lets perhaps another spectator to actually choose the number. They do and drop the numbers back into the bag. The third spectator is asked to crab a handful of numbers inside the bag but drop then all except one actually choosing the number by touch. They do and remove the chip.   That makes a combination of three numbers. The spectator with the lock enters the numbers and the lock opens!

You get an ingeniously gimmicked master lock, a duplicate lock for other possible routines.  A hard  carry bag, two velvet carry bags for the locks, the plastic bag containing all the numbered disk.  You also get other routines and a link to other ideas.  This is brand new!

Out of stock

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