Thomas Pohle’s Magical Hexagram


Clever version of Grant’s Mystery of the Pyramid.  Beautifully designed and constructed by Thomas Pohle..

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The Magical Hexagram is a wonderful micro version of UF Grant’s classic, The Mystery of The Pyramids.

Pohle’s version uses a stack of blocks only 6″ tall, each finished with a decorative hexagram in black and white.

See Thomas’ demo here:

As seen in the demo, the blocks have been cleverly designed so that they may be shown separately during the routine.  This will puzzle magicians only familiar with the original UF Grant model.

And the change at the end to multicolored hexagram designs is a great surprise finish.

We’re told these were difficult to make, as each block must be tested individually to make sure they operate perfectly.  A very time consuming process.

Mint condition, complete with instructions.

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