Time Warp by Tony Curtis, Card In Envelope In Wallet by Bob Swadling and Star Pocket Himber Wallet by Murphy’s

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3 finely made wallet effects chosen for their quality and the fact that they are totally different.  The TIme warp and Swadling wallets are no longer available. These retailed for $200 when they were available. All as new.

Estimate $175+

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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Time Warp by Tony Curtis – 2004
Effect:  Any hour of the day selected by a spectator matches the prediction taken from an otherwise empty leather wallet.  A spectator is asked to think of any hour of the day.  After they have revealed their choice, the performer then takes a small leather wallet form his pocket.  A prediction card is removed from the wallet and placed face down on the table.   The wallet is now shown to be empty apart from a few banknotes remaining.  Finally, the prediction card is turned over to reveal the face of a pocket watch showing the exact time as selected by the spectator.
Card in Sealed Envelope in Wallet- Swadling
Based off Roy Roth’s Ultimate Wallet, Swadling Magic’s Card in Sealed Envelope in Wallet is a wonderful update to a classic trick. The wallet is made in high quality leather and showcases a more authentic look than the original. Effect

Have a card selected, signed and replaced into the deck. The have another spectator selected another card to signed and replace into the deck. The magician removes his wallet. Removes a card out of the wallet and places the card onto of the deck. Turns over the top card and shows the signed card. Shuffles the deck and shows his hands empty. Opens the wallet again. Removes the sealed envelope and hand it to the spectator to open. To their amazement, when the envelope is opened, they find the other signed card inside!

Dimension Approximately 4 1/2″ x 7 1/4″ (11.43cm x 18.415cm)

Star Pocket Himber Wallet
  • Imagine This: A wallet that allows you to have a selected card signed and with NO SLEIGHT OF HAND, it vanishes from the pack and appears inside the zippered compartment of your hip pocket wallet!

    In fact, you can even have the wallet laying on the table in FULL VIEW! This is a pro-level effect!

    Imagine doing this and many other reputation making effects with cards, bills, credit cards and many other items, ALL with one magnificent wallet! Looks like a real wallet Made from genuine virgin calf-skin. Measures 3.5 inches by 5 inches. Its just 1/2 inch thick and has no straps.

    There are spaces for credit cards, money, business cards and anything else you put in your regular wallet! Does double duty as a Kaps-type Loading wallet! Does triple duty as a Bombshell-type wallet! One of the nicest looking Himber-type wallets made!

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