Twilight Zone Room For Doubt: Elliot HItchcock’s Masterpiece: Magic Arts and Design and Viking MFg. Co./ Collectors Workshop: impossible to find!


This is the portable version of Room For Doubt created by Hitchcock’s Magic Arts and Design and Manufactured by Viking/Collectors workshop. It has never been used. We have checked it for completeness and have insured all electronics operates perfectly.  It is ready to be put in your own show. The video here shows Hitchcock’s own stage sized version. This is the same effect scaled for portability!   It is unlikely you will ever see another and will certainly never find one unused. Comes with the wooden cabinet and all accessories packed into a custom case. I would not wait to purchase this one. It will not last!

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Hitchcock’s Room For Doubt stage version is a professional illusionette suitable for Haunted Houses, Seance gatherings, Bizarre  Magick performances as well as Mentalism programs.  

You are supplied with a wooden cabinet representing the interior of the The Bloodworth Mansion where a ghastly murder took place.  This unsolved murder called a “cold case” from the 1950’s, has been reopened, and you and your guests will finally determine the who, how and where of the case.

Permission has been granted by the estate of the late Rod Serling, to use his likeness, voice and Twilight Zone theme in our version of Room For Doubt.

You will be guided by Mr. Serling, through a series of events executed randomly by audience members, the outcome completely out of the control of the performer.  Ultimately, the audience will discover the weapon used and the room in which the dastardly deed took place.

The Climax:  An audiotape left by the detective at the time of the murder will reveal evidence that will aid the audience in their quest for the truth.

The climax comes when not only does the evidence prove that the audience is 100% correct, but they also find the KILLER who is among them!  This is revealed in a most startling and surprising manner. 

You are supplied with everything needed to perform this mini-illusion.

The wooden case measures: 26 3/8″ high x 20” wide x 6” deep.  It is back-lit so that all the rooms can be seen, even in a darkened room (this really plays well in the dark).

The Evidence Case provided contains the following:

9” Tablet with Rod Serling’s introduction.  Sound System that will allow the performance to be easily heard.  Specially printed cards.   Magnifying glass. Retro Cassette Player and cassette tape. UV lamp and UV liquid with applicator. Evidence wallet. Expandable pointer. Instructional DVD. Other necessary items.





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