Viking Clairvoyant Card Duck


The Card Duck from Viking Manufacturing.

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This card duck is a classic example of Viking quality.  Note the two key unique features of this Viking version:  (1) Blue eyes and (2) Wings are not just painted on. The wings are separate pieces that extend above the back of the duck.  While this is a used prop, this Card Duck is in superb condition, with only a few small nicks in the green base. It operates perfectly, and even her straw hat is in almost new condition.  Original Viking instructions and label from the original box are included.

The Card Duck, can fairly select a chosen and signed card, EVERY TIME. No mistakes (unless you want one) and no hesitations (unless you want one). The action of the duck is under your control at all times. No wires, no assistants and no trapdoors. Here is a summary of the effect:

The magician asks an audience member to select a card. The card is lost in the deck. Next, the magician introduces his pet “duck”. The deck is placed into a card holder that sits in front of the duck. The duck lunges forward and selects a single playing card in its beak. This card is shown to be the selection.

The “Card Duck” traces its roots back to Professor W. Norris, who performed at The Crystal Palace in London from 1868 to 1885. He used a model of a swan to find a chosen card. The first Card Duck, was introduced around 1936.

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