Vintage Thayer Die Flyto: deluxe finish: exquisite!


This is one of the nicest Thayer  items i have ever owned and is part of my own personal collection.  The finish is magnificent and you will likely never find another in this condition.  All springs and connections work perfectly.

In the effect a small wooden cabinet exquisitely decorated with butterflies is opened and a large die removed.  The cabinet is otherwise empty.  Several silks (ball, etc) is placed into the box and It is closed and the die is placed on a flat un-draped tray held by the assistant.  In a flash the die turns into the silks and the small box is opened and the die is found inside!  The butterfly box is 5.25 inches square.  Tray is 14×14 inches.  Again this is a magnificent example of expert craftsman at work.  A wonderful addition to the finest of magic collections. With instructions.

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