Virtuosity by Larry Becker

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Fantastic prop from the mind of Larry Becker.  Yes you can plan this violin perfectly!  Sells for $129. This is as new.  the violin looks and plays amazing.

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Which do you think will amaze your friends more? That you play the violin for them like an expert? Or some awesome mindreading?

Imagine how blown away they’d be if you did BOTH!

You actually play the violin even though you’ve never had a lesson! And it will appear that you’re playing it for real!

If you are a mentalist, then you know that the name of Larry Becker is synonymous with quality, well thought-out material, and original performance reputation-makers.

Virtuosity is absolutely one of the most entertaining and unique mindreading effects Larry has ever offered.

Just imagine yourself performing this on stage:

You display a packet of cards numbered from 1 to 9. You asks any spectator to shuffle and cut the cards. You then retrieves the cards and with your head turned away, moves one card at a time from the top to the bottom of the packet until the spectator calls “stop.” With your head still turned, the you show the bottom card of the packet and asks that the number on that card be remembered.

The spectator is then shown a Music Selection Chart containing the names of 9 well-known popular and classical songs. The spectator is asked to concentrate on the name of the song next to the number he has in mind. You states that he will attempt to tune in on the spectator’s thoughts.

You then picks up a realistic-looking miniature violin and begin to actually play a song! When finished, you inform the audience that the selection just played was “Minuet in G” by Johann Sebastian Bach. Now, the fun begins! The spectator is asked to call aloud for the first time the name of the song he’s been concentrating on. Bach’s Minuet in G,” responds the spectator.

You and spectator take a well deserved bow to resounding applause.

And YES — Virtuosity can even be repeated with a different result! Perfect for repeat shows, and the violin is not gimmicked in any way!

You actually play the violin even though you’ve never had a lesson! And it will appear that you’re playing it for real! No kidding! This beautiful and ingenious electronic violin is not a toy.

As you draw the bow across the strings in time, the violin plays all the correct notes, and you control the duration of each note!

It’s so easy to do! No sleights and nothing is gimmicked! Best of all, you’ll not only get credit for reading the spectator’s mind, but for your expert violinist skills!

Included are laminated number cards, the Music Selection Chart, violin with display stand, and detailed instruction manual. Several variations included for both close-up and stage.

Virtuosity is available only in a limited quantity as almost 2 hours of labor are involved to assemble each piece. If are a mentalist, this is a must-have! If you’ve ever thought about putting a unique piece of mental magic into your show, this one is it!

Manufactured of wood grain, high quality plastic.

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