Walter Sheppard the Cabinet of Foo: scarce


Walter did not make a lot of these.  In spite of me requesting this prop be built when Walter was alive he refused to build one for me.  He said it was the most difficult item to build in his line.  It is the Cabinet of Foo and is a great production prop.  The box is seen setting on a stand.  The sides are folded down and it is removed from the stand, The interior red  panels are removed to reveal a totally empty framework.  The panels are re-installed and the box placed back on the stand and the hinged side panels are raised back into place.   The lid of the box is opened an a huge production takes place. In very good condition with stand.

The box is 11 by 11 by 9 inches. The stand itself is 36 inches tall and breaks down into two pieces. These are hard to come by.  With instructions,

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