Wayne Dobson’s Teach A card Trick finely Crafted by Colin Rose and Five of Hearts Magic: no longer available.

Starting bid: $100.00

This spectacular routine comes from Wayne Dobson’s lecture and based on an original idea of the legendary magician, Karrel Fox! Comes with original instructions.

As the performer teaches a spectator a card trick, at the finish neither he or the audience is aware of how it was accomplished in the first place!

Performer takes out an elegant-looking wooden gamer’s box, opens it, takes out a boxed deck of cards (the box is clearly seen to be empty), and closes the box. Handing it to a spectator, the performer asks them to place the box inside their pocket for him. The performer states that he’s feeling lazy and wishes the spectator to become the magician while the performer himself assumes the role of the spectator.

Following his instructions, the spectator offers the deck of cards for the magician to take a card. The magician takes a card, shows it to the crowd, and replaces it into the deck, all while the spectator’s head is turned. The spectator himself then causes the selected card to completely disappear from the deck! When the gamer’s box is opened by the spectator, the selected card is found inside! You can even use a signed card if you so desire! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

This routine previously relied on an assistant to “load” a particular card, but now by using a very special Card Box, this routine is now completely self-working and now elevated to “Miracle” status! And, of course, with Wayne Dobson’s very unique comedy presentation, this is certain to be a winner with you as well! You can even pass the box to the spectators with confidence; there is nothing to see!

Not only a wonderful effect but a beautiful piece of equipment made by Colin Rose.  Comes with the Five of Hearts Magic protective carry bag. No longer available. As new. The box is 4.5×3.5×1.5 inches.

Estimate  $200-300 

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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Auction ends: September 27, 2022 7:35 pm
Timezone: America/Chicago

Starting bid: $100.00

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