Welllingotn’s Mystery of the Pyramid: No longer available


Wellington’s version of Grants Pyramid.  A simply incredible piece of magic as you  have come to expect from Wellington.

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Bill Schmelk n addition to being one of the nicest guys I have ever met, is a genius and a perfectionist.  He has taken the Grant Pyramid effect and turned it into a miracle.  Bill does not stop until he has perfected each item he sells.  When other magic manufacturers are finished with their design Bill is just getting started.  He does not stop thinking until perfection is reached.

The Mystery of the Pyramid is almost self working.  It is absolutely quiet and the gimmicked undetectable.  The checkers can be removed and unstacked at any time.  IF you do not know the effect a group of checkers are individually stacked on a metal column.  A snug fitting cover is placed n the stack and the entire unit is turned upside. down.  When the cover is raised the stack is still in its original ascending order.  HTis was ne of Bills signature Series effects and is not currently available.

This is in excellent condition.  With instructions.


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