Whitestar by Jim Critchlow: A Perfect Separation of the Living from the Dead using the Titanic theme! New


Brand new.  Wonderful “Bizarre Magic” effect with a very popular theme. Unopened.

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A Perfect Separation of the Living from the Dead


The performer is seated at a table opposite two volunteers. The performer places a small article in front of each person, such as an old coin and an old fountain pen (these are to act as ‘markers’).

The performer now takes out from his wallet, a small packet of old photographs which he quickly thumbs through as he mentions to the volunteers that they may recognize some of these as they have appeared in books or programs about the Titanic as they were all passengers on that ill fated liner. The packet is squared and turning to the first volunteer, the performer says that he is going to show him/her the photographs one at a time and if they feel somehow drawn to some, they should tell him and they will be placed in front of them and their ‘marker’.

The performer shows the photographs, one by one to the volunteers, who either decides to take one and place it on the pile forming in front of them or reject it. The rejected photographs forming a discard pile in the center of the table.

‘Look at this young lady please, what emotions do you think she is feeling…..’

When all the photographs have been chosen to be kept or rejected, the performer brings attention to the discard pile. Thumbing through the photographs the performer starts talking about specific photos (the person’s name etc) stressing how absolutely any of the photos could have been retained by the volunteers.

The performer explains that what they have both just done was part of an experiment. He also explains that he has found that the best results only occur when nothing is explained beforehand and that the results are always different (quite true to a point).

The performer then states that the old coin was taken from one of the bodies found in the wreckage of the Titanic and the fountain pen was used by a clerk to write out the list of all the survivors. The person with the coin is asked to turn their photographs over and in doing so they see each photograph has printed on its back, the name of the person, a few details about them and that they DIED! The spectator holding the fountain pen turns their photographs over and sees the similar details but all their photographs have SURVIVED printed on them! The discarded pile is turned over and shown that there is a complete mix, in no sequence of both the DIED and SURVIVED photographs!

After the initial amazement, the spectators may ask how this was possible to which the performer replies, “As I said, it was an experiment. The fact is I can’t explain it! It seems to be just another mystery surrounding the Titanic”.

At this point, the performer can sit back and relax as the volunteers spend the next half hour or so looking at all the photographs and reading the details on the backs. Onlookers too will want to read the backs and quite often a chat session about the Titanic takes place.

If you only want to perform one effect in an evening, this is it. If you want to finish an evening on a high note, this is it.

Comes complete with 28 high quality professionally produced cards and a detailed, photo illustrated 21 page book teaching you the full routine, presentation and tips and techniques to make this effect a reputation maker.


No Sleight of Hand Required!

The cards are completely ungimmicked, and fully examinable!

Instantly resets to perform again!

The cards REALLY are completely mixed up and shuffled by the spectators. The performer does not change the order of the cards AT ALL once the spectator has mixed them, or after the spectators have chosen the cards they want to keep!

No switched or swapped cards or packets. The spectators decide if they want to keep the cards or discard them and that’s FINAL. The performer does not need to do any sneaky switches or adjustments to the cards the spectators have chosen!

Jim Critchlow goes into great detail about the creation of White Star, the history and origins of the methods used and the psychology that can be applied to the effect to not only surprise and amaze the spectators, but to leave a lasting psychological impression on them long after the performance.

Additional Routines Included:

White Star Revisited – An alternative handling for the effect created with the help of Karl Bartoni

Beyond White Star – A version of White Star using a regular deck of genuinely shuffled playing cards with additional endings from Karl Bartoni and with a borrowed shuffled deck!

Beyond White Star (second version) – Perform White Star with a borrowed shuffled deck!


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