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The Lit Candle Mystery by Zoran Krezic: 2009.  With custom case. Excellent! Cylinders are 12.25 inches tall and the tallest candle is 11.25 inches tall.  I seldom use the cliche “I only have one so you better act” but it certainly fits here. I will likely never have another.

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OK, all of you guys who have asked about this over the past two years here is is. I stood and watched this demonstrated at magic live in 2009 at least 10 times and was amazed every time.  This is one of those tricks that you cannot grasp! It makes you remember what it was like to experience magic before you became that jaded magician you have become over the last years.

It is the direct transposition of a lit  tall thin candle and a lit short heavy candle with no fancy moves or switches.  The lit candles just transpose from one metal cylinder to the other. It is just that simple. WOW!

Materials are the finest obtainable. This is as new and one of the most highly desirable trick of the past 25 years.  Your chance to own it.

I have chosen not to remove it from the custom case.  If you are buying it you most likely know what it is. I guarantee excellent mechanical and visual condition.  Comes with the instructional video.


Comments from the magic cafe:

#1. Zoran’s creation of The Lit Candles Mystery is a magic effect that brings the Passé Passé routine into the twenty first century! This effect is from his award winning act at the PCAM 2007 that brought him the gold medal for the Most Innovative/Novel Act.

Getting inspired from the old Passé Passé Bottle routine, Zoran took a new path for this routine and created a quite different effect using lit candles instead of a bottle and a glass. Indeed “almost all magicians” know how Passé Passé bottle works and the limitations of that effect. Zoran’s Lit Candle Mystery completely overcomes those limitations and creates a brand new effect.

To say it straight, performing this trick is a joy because it can be shown from many angles without any worries that its secrets may be exposed. An additional beauty of his creation is that lit candles are used making it a great visual effect on the stage. This is a stage trick but it can be performed as close as five feet from the audience with no worries.

The Lit Candle Mystery is a combination of top notch effect, craftsmanship, design, mechanics, and quality materials used to build it. Zoran is giving a LIMITED LIFE TIME WARRANTY on this prop. Its parts are manufactured from the highest grade aluminum, stainless steel, automotive paint; even fire retardant fabrics have been implemented on the inside of the tubes to assure maximum safety because real lit candles are being used.

This trick comes in a sturdy aluminum case with custom cut foam padding that provides maximum protection for this prop. An instructional DVD is included as well as special candle refills to insure that you have enough for twenty performances once you’ve received your trick. The DVD even reveals how to make your own refills!

Each trick is marked by a unique number. Crafting and manufacturing of this trick is a very rigorous process. For this reason Zoran’s intention is to release a very limited quantity of this trick on the market.

“Zoran’s new creation of The Lit Candles Mystery is brilliant. Not only in the effect but, it’s clever design takes the old passé passé routine to a whole new level!” — Shawn Farquhar, Two-Time IBM World Champion of Magic, Three-Time FISM Award Winner

“One Mind Blowing Effect!” — Paul Romhany, Professional Comedy Magician

“Simply Incredible!” — Tony Chris, Professional Magician and Magic Creator

“I have never seen craftsmanship like this!” — Matthew Johnson, Professional Magician and Magic Creator

Please note that each Lit Candles Mystery is machined and handcrafted by Zoran himself, so please allow 4 weeks from the time of order to delivery.


too got to see this live in Tony’s home. To say I was blown away would be an understatement!

Zoran was kind enough to show us the workings and I had to be picked up off the floor :o) I mean this is unbelievable stuff!

While the price tag may be too high for most I personally believe it to be UNDER priced. Those that own this will own it for the rest of their lives and will probably pass it down to generations to come! Seriously….this should be in a museum.


#3 I just noticed this thread. I would like to say that I was so impressed with the effect and it’s mechanic’s that I had him repeat the routine not twice, but six times! My friend Juliana Chen dropped in and we got to see it two more times when she too shook her head.

Zoran has done a brilliant job of designing and building a really effective illusion. The addition of the candles being lit the entire time just took it over the top. I said it before and will say it again, he has taken the old passe passe bottle to a whole new level.


There are many more but you get the hint..

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