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In the meantime please check out these recent products:

  • DSC_2829

    Harry Blackstone Jr’s Christmas Casadaga Cabinet: there is only one

  • DSC_2835


  • DSC_2863

    The Great Virgil Show Trunk: guaranteed original!

  • DSC_2857

    Stunning circa 1910 side table. Designed to operate a thread gimmick prop!

  • DSC_2848

    Stunning 1910 well built table with beautiful top! Designed for thread operation!

  • DSC_2840

    Stunning circa 1910 table: extremely well built and a three well unusual top!

  • DSC_2747

    House of Babcock Mirror Penetration: Not made for years

  • DSC_2699

    The Brema Brasses 1982

  • DSC_2778

    Walt Sheppard Imperial Livestock Vanish: Magnificent

  • DSC_2750

    Abbott’s Vanishing Birdcage: Vintage from the days Pete Bouton Crafted them

  • DSC_2718

    Comedy Legs Table

  • DSC_2752

    Vintage Abbott’s comedy umbrella circa 1950

  • DSC_2758

    Vintage Brass Silk Roller

  • DSC_2801

    Predition Box from Indomagicland

  • DSC_2765

    KR Professional Magic Pedestal Cabby

  • DSC_2761

    Mikame Flower Drawer Production Box: early rare!

  • DSC_2743

    Jack Earl Giant Souvenir Ring: Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily Sideshow attraction

  • DSC_2722

    That’s All instant fold table

  • DSC_2735

    Very Early Bird Production Drum Head Tube: Heavy Copper and Brass

  • DSC_2730

    Locking Deck Switch Tray: Vintage and unique