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In the meantime please check out these recent products:

  • The Unmasking of Robert Houdin by Houdini

  • Vintage wands set: one gimmicked (silk wand) and one a matching non gimmicked

  • Large Morrison Pillbox over 11.5 inches tall!

  • The No Fake Card Frame circa 1960

  • Jeff Busby’s Automated Sefalaljia 2: The king of mini spirit cabinets: 1995 scarce

  • Vintage Hearsum Mini Card Picking Duck: scarce

  • Jay Matioli Maximum Light Before Your Eyes: new never used: silk to light bulb and floating lamp

  • Seven Circles Magazine complete bound file: Walter Gibson

  • Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 1978 Loyd Jones first edition and print

  • Ken Brookes’ Nemo Jumbo Card Rise never opened or used

  • Vintage Zoo Pizza rare and simply fabulous

  • Mak Magic Book of Magic Production

  • Thayer Archetect’s Nightmare: Original and RARE

  • Genii Carry Bag and give aways from 2017 Convention: Unopened

  • Three early David Copperfield programs one signed

  • Ickle Pickel Mini Candy Bar prediction effect with Drawer Box finale production

  • Al Schneider Magic L&L 2011

  • Tarbell Course Mailed to Blackstone Sr. in Colon Michigan

  • Eye Gotcha by Chance Wolf

  • Paul Lembo Fall Apart Vanish