Gimpy’s Old Time Square Production


A fantastic production prop from Gimpy!  Size is 11×7.5×7.5 inches.  See below.

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Talking about packing flat and playing big!  This  is Gimpy’s Old Time Square.  You actually start out with everything flat and build it in front of them and them make the production.  Extremely deceptive!  This was purchased from Joe Stevens (it is his exclusively) and never used. You have to hand it to the guys at Stevens Magic.  They come up with some great exclusive things and this is one of them.

Everything including the load chamber folds flat in a 2-inch tall stack. Total size is 7 x 7 x 11 inches tall. Each unit is crafted by Gimpy from walnut and maple, and features accented 18 karat gold leaf details. The inside is covered in black velvet so the illusion is possible in even the most demanding light conditions.

Sells new for $350

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