4 great mentalism effects by Mark Strivings and Marc Oberson

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Digital Deceptions, As in a Mirror Darkley, Para Optic Plus, and Challenge Name A card.

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Digital Deceptions:

You remove a key and ring from your pocket and explain that your audience will create a three-digit number. You ask several people to name a single-digit number and these are put together to create a random three-digit number. Amazingly, the number named exactly matches the number digitally printed on the key ring!

In A Mirror Darkly

A prediction is written, a card is named and the prediction opened to show you had correctly predicted the card.

Para Optic Plus

An updated Annemann classic! A deck is shown and shuffled. Three cards are selected sight unseen and placed into a spectator’s pocket. The performer can be clear across the room and blindfolded! A card is removed from the pocket and concentrated upon. The performer names it! This is repeated with the second selection! The final card is left in the pocket and the seer still names it! It’s a miracle! My friends, this is a worker in every sense of the word. It can be performed close-up or on the largest stage, is angle-proof, resets instantly, is always ready to go and is completely convincing. It can be performed blindfolded legitimately (meaning no secret sight is needed) and makes a great addition to any existing blindfold routine or can be performed as a stand-alone routine. I keep one in my case at all times and can perform it under literally any conditions. This is one of my ‘go to’ effects and has been for decades. Plus, it is dead-easy to do! Included are additional ideas from my good friends Docc Hilford and Larry Becker. When these additional touches are put in place, you have miracle class material! It simply doesn’t get any better than this. If you were to see this performed and did not know how it works, it would definitely fool you badly. Needless to say, your audiences don’t stand a chance. You get the very special deck, ready to perform along with a 9-page manuscript of complete handling details.

Challenge Name A card

Practical Mentalism for the next Millennium and Beyond…

From the same person who brought you “Symbol Minded”, “Par-Optic Plus” and “Annemann For The 90’s”.

Here’s the effect – You produce two decks of cards, one red and one blue. You state that you have removed one card from the red deck and placed it in the blue deck. You have your spectator name a card (no force). Upon examining and counting through the red deck, only 51 cards are found and the named card is missing. The blue deck is then spread and a single red backed card is found – the very card named by the spectator!

Included in this package is everything you need to perform this little miracle. Easy to do and resets instantly. No sleight of hand. It practically works itself. The named card changes with each performance.

Another practical performance piece for the discerning entertainer!

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