A Timely Effect by Syd Bergson: wonderful effect with a very special watch!


By Syd Bergson. Originally sold for $50 in circa 1970’s. The performer’s and a participant’s wrist watch are checked and proven regular and normal in working order.  The watches show the same time (this is a fully functioning  wind up watch!).  The magician has the spectator turn the dial on his watch to show it moves the hands and is fully functioning watch ( it is).   The magician takes the spectators watch and sets a specific prediction time. The spectator begins to turn the hands on the magician’s watch and then is asked to turn his head to set a final random time.  The time on the magicians watch is now reveled. The spectator looks at his watch. The times match!.

No stooges, no switches, just the two watches used. A specially designed watch makes this miracle possible, 100% certain and easy to do. Many other stunning effects possible with this precision instrument of which a limited number were available. Includes 3 pages of illustrated instructions  You get Ace Gorham’s recommendation along with mine. This is great! Excellent condition!  The watch is very nice and can be worn as your timepiece.

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