A&B Magic Vanishing Candle to silk: all brass very nice


Vanishing candle to silks all in brass. A&B Magic.

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A&B made exquisite products in very limited supply.  This is a beautiful item in all brass. First one i have seen. The candlestick holder is spun from a solid piece of brass so it is very heavy.  It is machined to fit the candle perfectly. In the effect the candle is setting in the brass holder,  It is lit and then covered with the brass tube while still lit. The candle is then blown out and the tube containing the candle is removed from the holder and capped on both ends with brass rings and paper. The paper is then punched through and two silks (you only get one) are removed.one from each end. The tube is then shown empty. Investment quality item. In  good condition.  One side of the candle has scratches (see photos).. Otherwise very good. Candle is 6.5 inches tall and base is 4  inches tall.

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