Abbott’s Twin 6 Shot Lotas and Special Glassware


Abbott’s six shot double lota set with deceptive glasses.

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I suppose i could have broken this set up but it has been together for so long i decided to leave it.  I was injured while watching Walter Graham perform this effed at a collectors convention when i feel off my chair laughing.  He had a volunteer on stage and they were toasting using the small lotas and the trick glasses which hold very little. They kept pouring and toasting. It was hilarious.  Somewhere along the way he had to switch the small lota for another.  Can you imagine how long this could go on!  i am quite certain that was the routine that was done with these so they stay together.. SOMe tarnishingthan can be removed.( I tested it on the bottom of one of the lotas.  I would just leave the patina as is.  You get it all.

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