Absolutely Impossible Wallet: David Howarth: Early Roy Roth version


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This title really is ACCURATE, because to the spectator this effect really is quite impossible. This is what happens: — A spectator is invited to assist. The wonder worker removes a wallet from his pocket. It is opened and the contents are shown to be ONE SINGLE ENVELOPE which is sealed. The envelope is removed from the wallet and the spectator is asked to sign his name across the flap. It is now replaced into the wallet and this is placed in full view on the table. A pack of cards is now handed to the spectator with the request that he shuffles them. The deck is now spread across the table and he is asked to push ANY card from out of the spread. The selection is NOT FORCED IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. The wallet is now opened and the envelope is removed. The spectator HIMSELF OPENS THE ENVELOPE. Inside he finds a card with a differently coloured back to that being used. When the freely selected card is turned FACE UP by the SPECTATOR himself, he is absolutely STUNNED to find that it MATCHES THE CARD HE FOUND IN THE ENVELOPE. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING POINTS. ANY pack can be used. Only ONE envelope is used. It is NOT FEKED in any way. Everything takes place before the eyes of the audience. NO PALMING OR SLEIGHT OFHAND.

THE WALLET: Is specially made for, us by that master LEATHER CRAFTSMAN …ROY ROTH … need we say more? It can, and indeed, it should be, used in the ordinary way and is an item you will be proud to own.


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