Al Stranger’s Miracle Poker Machine: a stunner that happens in their own hands, you touch nothing!


The impossible determination of a final card from a poker hand!  Many other effects. See full description below.

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The basic effect: A special poker calculator is shown and turned on.  It has suit and value keys so a card can be entered and displayed. Five cards are freely chosen from a BORROWED deck.  A spectator removes one of the cards and places it in his pocket. He does not know the identity of the card. Now he enters the remaining 4 cards into the machine using the appropriate suit and number buttons.  After the 4 cards are entered, the display slowly changes into a giant graphic representation of a card. Lets say it now show the jack of hearts.  The spectator removes the card from his pocket and it is the jack of hearts!

This has my highest of recommendations.  Complete with the manuscript listing many other miracles that can be done.  Tested and functioning perfectly.  We have even put in new batteries and is is raring to go!

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