Al Vitali’s Silver Symphony circa 1940


Four half dollars sized coins are displayed on a wooden stand.  A small brass container is when empty and the lid put on. The container is held is the left hand.  One at a time the coins are removed from the stand and tossed into the air where they vanish.  As each con vanishes a clink is heard in the container as each coin one at a time arrives. The container is opened and the coins are dumped out!   The Coin stand is a period duplicate that fits works perfectly and is very deceptive. The lid of course, contains a mechanism that facilitates the drop of each coin.  We are including 8 collectible Sherms Tokens so the effect is ready to perform (a $50 value!).

A scarce effect not readily found on collectors shelves!  The only one I have ever seen. Doc Mossey Collection. Very good condition.

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