Alan Shaxon’s Confabulation Deluxe: Paul Stone’s Unique Magic Limited Edition #239 of 500: New


If you are familiar with this effect then you know how strong it is. Here is an example of the very strong  effect.

“Members of the audience participate by freely suggesting a favorite automobile, a color and the amount of loose change in ones pocket. The choices are noted on a piece of paper, which is handed out to be verified later. Performer removes a wallet from his coat and opens it and takes out a signed, sealed envelope. Opening the envelope the performer removes a paper that shows the details of exactly what the spectators freely selected! THE PERFORMER HAS PREDICTED EXACTLY, IN ADVANCE, WHAT THE SPECTATORS CHOICES WOULD BE!”

The quality of the leather and craftsmanship Paul Stone delivered in this product is exquisite. This is old new stock and has never been opened until now to photograph (I photographed the steps as it was opened). Complete as issued with all prop and certificate of authenticity. Embossed with the Ken Brooke logo.

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