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This beautiful nest of boxes is brand new.

Your assistant enters carrying a tray with a small box resting upon it. The box is opened and another box is removed. It is opened and yet a third box is discovered. Into this smallest container is placed a dove. The lid is closed and this box is covered as the other two are nested back together. The magician picks up the small covered box and tosses it into the air…THE BOX AND BIRD HAVE VANISHED! Quickly, the other two boxes are opened and un-nested. Lo and behold, resting where it was once is now the smallest chest with its magical passenger inside!It is the same bird (or any item that you put in the box) not a duplicate.

This was purchased new from Illusion Arts Magic at the cost of $800.  I opened it for the first time to photograph. The boxes were packed in bubble and on close examination there is some faint bubble imprint on the boxes themselves.  Your audience will never see it as from a foot away they look great.  Since this small flaw is there (not affecting performance and never seen by the audience) we have drastically reduced this item.  You may even be able to get the faint imprint off, I have not tried.  It is impossible to photograph the flaw.

Take advantage of this for less than half price for a brand new beautiful item!

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