Bewitched Boxes Edward Bottcher and Thomas Pohle


An early one from Thomas Pohle and Edward Bottcher sold through Joe Stevens magic.

This is an incredibly strong effect. The instructions give you four different effects but here is just one

Three small identical boxes are shown. The drawers are open and there are three different tokens shown on in each drawer.  Three matching tokens are shown as well. The drawers are closed.  The tokens are turned face down.  The magician mixes the boxes and the spectator mixes the tokens. Neither has any idea of where the tokens on the table or in the boxes are. The spectator assigned the tokens to each box.  When the drawers are opened the outside token matches the inside. A miracle with no force!

This is just one effect There are many you can do with this versatile prop.  Brand new and long unavailable. If you have been looking for this, now is your chance. I only have one!

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