Box Clever by Wayne Dobson: Colin Rose Five of Hearts Magic

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The Trick ‘Second Spot’ by the late Maurice Fogel was……. and still is a superb effect! With the current popularity for ‘Mentalist Magic’ this seemed to be a perfect addition to the ‘A Kind of Magic’…… range of effects. It was Patrick Page who suggested that this would work very well indeed by using wooden boxes rather than the original bags…… The beauty of this is that the method or effect has not been changed… .but aesthetically the trick has been elevated to a more sophisticated ‘presentation’ This Effect is very simple in it’s method….. (The Best Tricks usually are!)….. but….. presented correctly this is one of the most powerful tricks ever invented!

The magician brings four spectators up on stage.  He/she  hands them each a small box. while the magician’s back is turned, he asked he spectators to put a small personal item in the container, close it and place it on the table in random order.  The magician then  removes each item form its box. One by one he concentrates on each item and then hands the correct item back to the rightful owner and asked each to take a seat if he gets it right.  All four head to their seat. Great looking high quality props.

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