Cannon’s Strong Box Escape: looks impossible! New never used: professional escape equipment


From, Cannon’s Great Escapes!  This is professional escape equipment but can easily be done by you.  Looks absolutely impossible!  I took this out of the original packaging to photograph.  It is new never used. Complete!  The box is 12x7x8 inches.

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“THE GREATEST HANDCUFF ESCAPE I have ever seen!” – World Famous Escape Artist STEVE BAKER – Mr. Escape. The ULTIMATE PRESENTATION of a Handcuff Escape for the 21st Century!  Volunteers inspect a pair of S & W Handcuffs, a Maximum Security Prisoner Transportation Blue Box and a clear Lexan “Strong Box” with steel bar and SIX padlocks* (Model A).  The handcuffs are locked on the escapist’s wrists.  The Blue Box is then placed around the cuffs, thus COMPLETELY SEALING OFF THE KEY HOLES!  Next, his cuffed wrists are locked – via two wrist holes – inside of the clear strong box, using 4 padlocks.  Lastly, a STEEL BAR IS LACED THROUGH BOTH THE STRONG BOX AND BLUE BOX AND THEN LOCKED WITH THE LAST 2 PADLOCKS!  Even if he has the keys, he can not reach the cuff’s keyholes, nor the padlocks.  IT TRULY LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE!  Yet, shortly after a cloth is placed over the whole affair, the performer ESCAPES!  And there in the center of the box, are the handcuffs and Blue Box, still suspended on the steel bar!  NOT ONLY AN ESCAPE, BUT A COMPLETE MYSTERY!

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