Chalet Magic “Retriever Chest”: fantastic utility prop (Borrowed Watch in Can of Corn in Locked Box)


A spectator’s borrowed and vanished watch appears inside a sealed can of corn which was inside a locked chest held by an audience member since the beginning of the show!

This was originally designed to re-produce the kid’s burnt shoe for the Wiz Cote effect. You get two load boxes and the Collector’s Workshop Can of Corn effect in this package.

Can be used for many other effects.

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This is one of the finest props Chalet built. The illusion is perfect. George originally built this as a solution to returning the child’s shoe in his WIz Coate trick,  With this outfit  you can introduce any appropriately sized object into the box right in front of the spectator with no unusual or suspicious moves. It is fed from the table which appears to be a thin tray setting on a thin table top.  There are two methods of deceit going on here with the beveled top and the black art principle involved. The illusion again is perfect.

You get two load boxes with this effect. The colorful one came with the effect and matches the wiz Cote Machine. It is the same as the natural wooden one in construction.   I wanted to do the spectators watch in the box effect so  I ordered the natural wooden one specially made for the effect I wanted to perform.

I wanted to replicate the Collector’s Workshop effect where the spectators borrowed (and then damaged) watch vanished and then appeared inside a box that had been given to an audience member to watch at the beginning of the show. The watch not only appears inside the box but is in a “can of Corn” that had to be opened by the spectator with a can opener after the can was removed from the box. This is a very strong effect.

The total routine goes like this: The magician introduces a box that is given to an audience member early in the show.  She or he is told to watch the box and don’t let anything happen to it.  He says he will ask for the box and when he does the spectator is to stand up and shout “I’ve got the box” .  The magician demonstrates by doing his very funniest “I’ve got the box demonstration”.  The spectator is then asked to practice which lends itself to much comedy as the magician ask “who’s Got the box” and the spectator imitating the magician’s previous voice and body moves shouts “I’ve go the box”.   This becomes a running gag throughout the show where the magician ask “who’s got the box and the spectator replies that thy have it

A spectator is then brought on stage and asked to have a seat. Their watch is borrowed.  They are asked for a particular time that is meaningful to them.  The watch is placed in a protective bag and the magician and spectator together swing the bag on a cord in an effort to make the time go backward or forward to the special time  the spectator gave. In the process the watch is slammed onto the on stage chair with a load thud. This again lends itself to a hilarious situation.

After the byplay (i have the spectator wave the fan which breaks and wave the wand which falls apart in an effort to repair the watch) the magician ask Who’s got the box?

On Que the audience members jumps up and gives here response “I do I do. I have the box”.  The magician goes into the audience and retrieves the box. Placing it onto a small tray on a table top (the loading of the chest is automatic: you just place the chest on the tray) the locked chest is opened and a can of corn (any canned product) is removed.  The spectator examines the can and is handed a can opener which was attached to the lid of the box when opened.  Inside of the opened can is found the watch safe and sound and the time on the watch matches the spectators special time announced at the beginning of the effect. .

I have taken a lot of time describing how I used the apparatus in my shows.  It is one of the strongest effects that can be done in my opinion. I supply everything you need to perform this effect except a chair. I will give a write up of the moves to the buyer.  An assistant is also needed as was true with the Collectors workshop effect.

In effect i am supplying the retriever chest (2 boxes, stand table etc) and a separate Collector’s Workshop effect called Can of Corn.

The can of corn effect or the retriever chest can stand on their on and be used to accomplish other effects. Above is just my description of how I use it.

This is one great prop and the effect i used it for very strong and long remembered by the audience. All props are in very good perfectly functioning condition.

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