Chance Wolf Limited Edition THE FLEA: never used: only 36 made in 2012


Set up Image is from Chance Wolf.  All of the rest of the images are the actual prop you will receive.

This is from Chance’s Limited Edition Line.  It is one of the most incredible magic props you will ever find.  No more will ever be made. It is a complete 15 to 20 minute show in tradition with the old time Flea Circus.  If you thought you would never have a chance to own one, this is it.

I have decided to take you to Chance’s website so you can read about this incredible prop in full detail.  You can go there by clicking here. Now lower than the original sales price!

This  one is as new never used.  I have had the battery pack replaced (as Chance explained to me they grow old if not occasionally charged) by a professional electronic engineer so it is ready to go complete with a new battery pack and charger.  I have chosen not to set this up (the accessories have never been removed from the case) but to show it in its packed state.  The magnifying glass Chance refers to is behind the sponge lining in the top of the accessory case.

If you want to own something really special, you can’t go wrong.

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