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Close-Up Bundle- $110 Retail Value


Great bundle of Close-Up Effects.  See Descriptions & Video Links


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ADD-ICT By Wayne Dobson- $30 Retail

Effect 1
A prediction is shown inside a small leather business card holder.

A deck of cards is handed to the spectator, they can shuffle them.

The spectator deals cards onto the magicians out-stretched hand.

No force they stop ANYWHERE THEY LIKE.

The card they stop on matches the prediction EXACTLY.

The deck is shown EVERY CARD IS BLANK.

Effect 2

A card is shown inside a small leather business card holder.

Any number is shouted out by a spectator.

The spectator examines and shuffles a regular deck.

The spectator deals down cards to their selected number.

The card they arrive at matches the prediction inside the wallet.

Easy to do, you will love the method.

Comes complete with

Custom made leather business card holder.
Blank gimmick card for routine one.
Regular bicycle gimmick card for routine two.
DVD with 2 routines plus bonus ideas and handling tips.



Prepare to blow people away with Thirteen.
You will laugh out loud when you see both the gimmick and the method for this brilliant piece of magic. Already being called the trick of 2008, do not miss this.
The perfect card at any number, 100% correct everytime. No force, a different card everytime. A brilliant method and gimmick that allows you to perform this classic effect.
No outs, Only one deck used, Resets itself everytime, Always bang on the card.
An incredible piece of mentalism, great gimmick, Simple to do, with MAXIMUM impact.
Perfect for strolling and stand up performers.


Colour Diffusion by Gary Jones & Mark Bendell- $25 Retail

Nothing in card magic wows a spectator more than the colour changing deck. That is why so many magicians use one in there act.

Gary Jones has created a packet trick that combines a great psychological presentation with a knockout colour change ending and because there are only a few cards used in the effect its perfect to carry in your wallet.

As a bonus we also include Gary’s great Colour Remix effect. Colour Remix is an easy to do, fun to perform oil and water routine that has a killer kicker of the backs changing colour at the end!!

Comes complete with all the cards you need to perform both routines as well as a full instructional DVD outlining in detail both routines.

  • Easy To Do
  • Instant Reset
  • No Funny Moves Or Counts
  • All The Impact Of A Colour Changing Deck
  • No R & S


Tag-O-Magic by Cameron Francis- $25 Retail

Tag-O-Magic is a custom designed and specially die cut key tag that attaches to your normal key chain and allows for amazing and ever present magic under any circumstances!

Imagine this….you openly break a plastic tag off your everyday key chain. The spectator hears the snap of the plastic and clearly sees the broken tag. But with a simple wave, the broken tag is completely restored! But wait – there’s more!

In an instant, the restored tag pops back on your key ring! The plastic tag apparently melts through metal to return to its original position. You broke it, you restored it, and like real magic it’s back where it belongs. And yes, it’s fully examinable!

Tag-O-Magic also has a handy “B” side filled with hidden effects just waiting to be revealed… psychological forces, mathematic mindbenders, a pasteboard prediction, and a classic mental miracle using the spectator’s very own smart phone.

Comes complete with custom made key tag set and detailed instructional DVD.



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