Coin Cup from Woodmagic Studio: Walnut


A first class close up effect for anyone who loves quality  workmanship and great magic.  Manufactured by Woodmagic Studio.

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Howard Hale’s Woodmagic Studios  made the finest wooden products available of the day, period.  The company has long been out of business and i suspect it is because the time and expense it took to make the high quality products he produced made it very difficult to sell them for a profit (the Okito Syndrome).  There is no product line very produced that i have been more impressed with.

A small wooden cup and lid are shown to hold four half-dollars.  Magically, one at a time, the coins vanish from the performers hand and travel invisibly to the cup.  After the last coin travels and all the coins are emptied from the cup, the magician shows the empty cup to know contain a roll of half dollars from a bank..

Each cup is lathe turned one at a time.  Only select American Walnut is used.  Each is unique no two match. Comes complete with coin cup, fake roll of half dollars, gimmicked half dollar and protective carry bag.  Sorry no instructions but not tough to figure out from the description. Highest  of quality!

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