Coke of Plenty: Fourth in a series of classic magic re-creations.

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Long unavailable comes this classic piece of magic. I receive many requests to locate the original and they are truly scarce. This is’s fourth in a series of vintage magic apparatus re-creations. There were seven built and this one is number 2.  The 7 sold out quickly.  This one recently obtained in a large collection I purchased.-.

The effect is an empty bottle of coke is shown and a solid brass spigot inserted. The bottle is then placed on a stand of an innocent(?) tray. When the spigot is opened coke flows from the empty bottle!

Great for your bar!

This is very well made. Spigot is machined solid brass (took a few tried to get that one just right). The glasses and bottle supplied are vintage which cost $60 for each set we produced. Most are the thick type which hold much less than it appears. The container is acrylic rather than the thin plexi the original.

We are very proud of our vintage re-creation line and this was one of the best!

Each comes with a brass plate attached indicating what number that unit is.

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