Crescensia The Card Spider: Tony Lackner Luxury Jubilee Edition: Germany: Scarce exquisite miniature magic


With a light press the lid of an elegant case opens revealing a white web and a golden spider whose body and eyes are covered in jewels. the lid is closed and put on the table in plain sight.

A spectator mixes a deck of cards and counts from the top of the deck however many cards he wants putting them face down on the table. From your wallet you remove a photo depicting Crescensia the card spider you just displayed in the box. The spectator uses the photograph to make magic waving motions over his last card.  When the card is turned over (lets say the ace of spades) it is strangely covered in a spiders web.

This is strange enough but when the case is opened a miniature card has appeared in the spider web captured in miniature. Yes it is the spectators chosen card!

Crescensia works perfectly and automatically requiring no slight of hand.  A beautiful Tony Lackner/Harold Voit prop. Scarce. Appears unused with English instructions.

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