Dave Powell Stage Size Enchanted Ring: limited production


This is a stage sized version of the Anverdi effect with much improved mechanics.  It is one of those effects that you will love to perform as it involves no slights and you will fool yourself as it happens.

A large 2.5 inch solid wood block is shown. It has a channel running through it. A large 8″ chrome ring is placed into the channel.  A 12 inch spike is placed through the holes in the side of the block entrapping the ring. It is shown all around.  The magician holds the ring and simply lowers the block  into the spectators hand.  Once it touches the hand the magician simply pulls the ring clear of the block passing it right through the spike!  It is that simple.  The mechanical block does it all, even though it can be completely examined by the spectators with no fear of detection!

Complete with carry bag as issued in brand new condition. I opened it to photograph it.

You will love it!

Out of stock

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