Dr. Dale Pfiester’s Jumbo Okito Card Restoration: very rare!


Drl.Dale Pfiester’s Jumbo card restoration.  A simply incredible piece of magic. With custom case.

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Dr. Pfiester was a Dr. here in Ohio but was also a mechanical genius. He built magic because he loved it but time was always at a premium.  I waited  18 months for my card restoration and was thrilled to get it. It was always an event when he delivered one. There was along list waiting when Dr. Pfiester died a few years ago. I would not be selling this one if I did not have my original.  About 10 of these were built. Some say 7 but I think closer to ten.

It is one of the most amazing pieces of mechanical magic I have ever seen.  The effect is a chosen jumbo card is torn to bits and set on fire only to restore itself piece by piece in a blank frame. Sounds simple enough but the mechanics here are unbelievable.  It is based on Okito’s design but instead of sand Dr. Pfiester uses an electric (battery powered) motor.  The motor is complete with a clutch mechanism to insure it operates smoothly.

During the routine as the card is restored piece by piece. At one point the back of the card restores itself (facing the wrong direction).  It is quickly followed up by turning itself around to find its place in the restored card.  I believe this was a Dr. Pfiester addition (we called him Dr. Dale) and a good one. At the conclusion of the final piece the card tips forward out of the frame for a perfect ending.

This prop is coveted by some of the the finest collectors in the world (Lance Burton owns one) and as I mention, if I did not already have one before acquiring this it would not be for sale. It is something I always demonstrate when guest arrive. I photographed it while running it to show the sequence for the card restoration.

I would like to show you the workings but I have decided not to expose it, but if you are sincerely interested (don’t email me if you are just curios) I will be happy to send the photos of the inner workings. You will not believe it.  Hallmarked with a plaque form Dr. Pfiester.  All are slightly different as he chose different frames for each.The frame is 17 by 18 inches.

I paid $3500 for mine 10 years ago. i have seen them sell for $5,000.  Your opportunity for a bargain!  With Instructions.


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