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Real Book, Perfect Bound, Real ISBN, 440 pages. Clever gaff is hidden into the book itself. Unlike other fake books, this title is immediately recognized around the world!

If you’ve been afraid to use book test because you felt they were too fake or too complicated to work, you have to get Dracula today; it will change the way you think about book tests.

Not all book tests are created equal. Without the directions, you and your audience will have one thing in common–you’ll both be stumped!

No kidding, this book is amazing. Unlike other so called “book tests”, this is a real book–it even has an ISBN. This is the actual 1897 version of Dracula by Bram Stoker, except for the devilishly cleaver gaff woven into its 440 pages of text. Everybody “knows” Dracula, which means they will never suspect it.

Here’s the deal: No spontaneous stooges; No forced pages or words; No directions printed in the book; No glimpses required; No sleights; No writing; No counting; No skill is needed. It is easy to perform–a real reputation builder.

And as if this wasn’t enough, The Dracula Book Test is affordable! It is a mentalist’s dream come true. A wonderful classic effect with a whole new look and feel. This is your chance to create miracles.


Imagine this: A participant is freely chosen from the audience. She is in no way a prearranged confederate, or for that matter, a spontaneous stooge. The participant is ushered onto stage with applause. She is utterly unprepared for the astonishment that she will soon encounter and the wonderment she will experience as you read her mind.


The eager participant is given the opportunity to choose a book from among others placed on a table. It is then shown to the audience–one, two, or even six people get the chance to handle and examine the book to prove that it is real; it easily passes close-up examination 100% of the time.

Its authenticity is undeniable because it is a classic well-known title in circulation throughout the world.

You are then blindfolded and without any obvious means whatsoever, you read her mind and reveal the word. But wait, you have her pick yet another page–just to be sure, and then you name that word too!

Once again, there can be free choice of page number at every stage. There are no prearranged confederates or spontaneous stooges. You don’t need an assistant. There are no cribs; no complicated anagrams; no reflectors or mirrors; and no electronics. It’s very easy to use!

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