Ed Marlo Mint #1. Impossible to find with Marlo signed business card and Marlo signed prediction!


This is a very special package.  You get the Marlo Mint book which has become a classic and virtually impossible to find.  You also get  signed Business card from Marlo and a signed prediction on a napkin!  The three items tell a story as they were all signed on the same day in 1989. They were obviously signed at the same card  session.  Marlo performed the poker gambling effect an then signed the napkin  at the McCormick Center in Chicago.

The book was published in 1988 and is in very good condition.  The owner keep them together for the last 31 and i will do the same.  They tell the story of one of the masters of card magic of all time.  You will never find anything like this again in one package.

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