Edgar Alan Poe Book Test: James C. Clark


This book test uses the original text from Edgar Allan Poe’s amazing book Complete Tales and Poems with Selected Essays.

The gaff has been cleverly woven into each page, incorporating James L. Clark’s opposing word pair concept, which is a significant advancement over Larry Becker’s traditional Flash Back method. Additionally, the positioning improves the inherent protections from the design, making it almost impossible for someone to discover the gaff.

The book is fully examinable, and can truly be read from cover to cover.

This book test is designed to be used exclusively as a “peek” book, so it does require minimal handling by the performer; however, no page number or other information is required for the performer to reveal the word being thought of by the participating spectator. The design of the gaff only allows one word to be revealed per page, but you can combine methods and patter to create other effects.

While some may consider the single-word reveal to be a limitation, it is more than offset by the fact that the book will withstand close scrutiny, and may even be left undetected in the hands of the audience for an extended periods. Brand New!


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