Enigmatic by Alan Warner: stunner! New old stock!


We are listing some very special Alan Warner effects.  These are form his line of close up teak magic.  They are wonderful props and highly collectible!  All are new old stock and never used!

This one is a killer.  The magician dumps out five different color symbols from a two sided box.  He (she) demonstrates that the symbols are in two identical sets.  The magician then places a symbol face sown in his side of the box and the spectator does the same. This alternates back and forth until all symbols are in the box.  The small symbol plaques are then removed from the box and turned over. They match exactly!

The box, which is made in teak, measures 9 x 5.8 x 2.5 cms high (approx.) and has an Oriental character made in ebony wood inlaid into its lid. Beautiful props!

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