European Billiard Ball Stand: Old World Craftsmanship with the highest standards of quality


Stunning European made billiard ball stand with complete set of matching billiard balls.

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Take a look at it.  It is proportionately perfect and beautiful in every angle.  Martinka, Kingle or Conardi would have been proud to have made this billiard ball stand. hard to believe it was made by a master craftsman of today.

It functions smoothly and perfectly in every way.  The fakes are extremely deceptive even from a foot away.  If you are looking for a billiard ball stand to perform or just want something to look wonderful on your collectors shelf this is for you.  It comes with a set of matching billiard balls and a hank ball as well. Also included is a white billiard ball. One of the finest pieces of modern crafted magic you will ever own.

I have only one.

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