Floating Power By John Snyder: rare

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This one of those rare finds when you have a product that is truly rare (only 50 were ever made who knows how many survive) and the item itself is in near mint condition. It is 65 years old. You will not find one any nicer. Hallmarked. In the effect a box with two removable doors is shown to be empty.  A ball is threaded on a wand that is placed through two corresponding holes in the frame.  The doors are slid in to place. The wand is removed and the ball hits the floor with a thud.  The wand is re-inserted and a magic pass is made.  When the doors are removed the ball has “floated” back up to the wand re-attaching itself on the wand!  I was a John Snyder collector and I spent much effort acquiring his props. The quaility of this one makes it an exceptional value.  When buying a prop always best the best condition one you can afford. Includes the original instructions.

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