Force 4 by Wayne Rogers


From the Magic Cafe and Paul Romhany:

I just started using the new effect by Wayne Rogers called FORCE 4 in my corporate mentalism shows and just wrapping up some work down here in New Zealand. Performed it twice this week and it’s incredible!! In my show I need to force four envelopes for a routine and this is by far the cleanest method – as the spectator’s really do have a FREE choice. I first saw Wayne perform this himself in NZ and completely fooled me and every other magician show saw his performance down here. This is professionally made by a local NZ company and the quality is fantastic – looks exactly like it should – nothing bulky or odd about it at all!!
There’s a long list of well known mentalists who are now using this and after talking to Wayne have ordered it- there is so much you can do with this from a clean banknight to a chair routine. I have also worked on my own chair routine but Wayne explains his. The instructions are great but most of all it’s very easy to use.

Thanks Wayne for putting this on the market – it now goes with me in my carry on and I know I can get a good solid routine from this – pack small and play REAL BIG!!

This is brand new. Opened to photograph. I have done a search of the web and cannot find another for sale.

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This prop is for mentalists in particular, and those who want to force objects in the CLEANEST possible manner. We have happened upon what is most certainly the FINEST, MOST LUXURIOUS, and CLEVER forcing folio we have ever seen.

In short, “Force 4” allows you to force four of ANYTHING in the cleanest possible way. As just one example, you can present four envelopes and have them freely shuffled and laid on top of your portfolio pad. The spectator is then allowed to choose ANY envelope. Without so much as touching the envelopes, you can offer the same free choice of ANY envelope to three more spectators. Despite all this, you control the outcome of EACH choice. If you are looking to perform a chair test, multiple prediction, lottery effect, wardrobe prediction, or any number of effects, “Force 4” is a treasure trove.

There are other forcing portfolios, and we have carefully examined all of them. THIS on—”Force 4″—is the best one, and therefore the one we recommend to you.

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