Force of Thought by Charles Reynolds, The Acrobatic Card: Gary Plants, Psycho Deck: Martin Breeze, The Blue Boy: Frank Zak

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Force of Thought

A great force of two cards by Charles Reynolds. The handling is above board and easy. Fan the deck and display the array of cards. Then simply riffle the deck towards the spectator. He is asked to mentally think of a card as the cards riffle by. DONE! It’s that easy and can be repeated with another card immediately.
Blaine and others have used Force of Thought to great advantage. The fact that the spectator is given a choice of cards as they riffle past their eyes is quite disarming and may I add, never fails.
Complete with Charlie’s handing and routine. Every performer should have this deck in his kit. Perfect for walk-around. No reset. Ready to work at any time.
Bicycle red backed deck.
May be used for a great prediction effect as well. No choice of Force cards!

The Acrobatic Card

The Acrobatic Card (or Acro Card) is the perfect accessory that will ad a “kick” and some “spice” to your magic, along with a lot of laughs, smiles and gasps – when your audience actually watches the card flip over all by itself! As the name implies, it does the impossible, making an inanimate object animate! Keep in mind the card doesn’t just turn over – it FLIPS over! Everyone can visually see this amazing feat! This is the perfect addition for any card revelation, flea circus performers and everything else the imagination can think of! The quality is excellent. They are made by one of the country’s best gimmick card makers.

Psycho Deck

A spectator thinks of a card, writes its initials on the face of a blank playing card and returns it to the middle of the deck. Without any suspicious moves or handling the magician immediately knows the name of the thought of card.

The Psycho Deck is a utility prop that enables the performer to gain access to information written down by the spectator. It is easy to do, self-working, capable of many variations and the information can be read right in front of the spectators.

Instructions include an alternative routine in which one spectator guesses the thoughts of another.

The Blue Boy 

The routine begins with a discussion of how playing cards were originally hand painted and considered pieces of art. A card is then selected and returned to the deck. You then display four postcards, each depicting Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy painting. You explain that one of them is a forgery as the spectators immediately spot the obvious and amusing fake.

The postcards are turned over to show Gainsborough painted a back to Blue Boy but no one ever noticed because it was always kept framed. For the finale a postcard that was placed aside on an impromptu easel is revealed with The Blue Boy now holding the selected card.

Can be repeated up to four times with different cards. Comes complete with the necessary postcards and a photo-illustrated booklet. Very easy to do and fun to perform.




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