Four Block Four Tell by Gimpy’s Magic: brand new!


This wonderful effect was sold through Stevens Magic.  I unpacked it to photograph it.

Four blocks are shown with the numbers 1-4 pained on the four sides.  The magician turns his back while the spectator places the blocks in any order with any side out forming a 4 digit number. That is 256 possibilities.  The spectator then places the lid on the box concealing his or her choice.

The magician without any suspicious moves takes a piece of chalk and writes four numbers on the backside of the box.  At the moment of truth the prediction is turned around.  The blocks are removed form the box and the prediction matches: every time!

This is brand new as i said. It is fantastic workmanship that you will be proud to own, perform and display.  Sold new for $250.  The box is 12.5x4x5.5 with claw feet.  I do not believe it is any longer available.


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