Gemini Artifacts Lillian’s Diary: Bizarre Magic #3 of 100: long sold out


This is an incredible piece of magic and given the right presentation its impact is stunning.  Our late friend Eugene Burger would have loved this! Developed from thoughts and routines from Prof. BC, Jim Magus and Vic Nadata.

The props are very realistic and the story line entrancing.  It surrounds the tragic death of a 12 year old girl on Valentines day in 1932.  You use her actual diary to perform an incredible book test type affair. After all her family was full of mediums and it runs out she can communicate from the dead.

I have photographed the pages from the manuscript that essentially give the premise of the routine so I suggest you read them if you  are interested. 100 were made and sold out immediately. The magic cafe raved over this and it was even included in a list of one of the 10 best routines ever purchase on bizarre magic so google it and check it out. As new never used. Comes in a nice presentation box.

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