George Milwald (GHM Magic) original Professional Chinese Sticks: one of 17 made: rare: please read about them

Winning Bid: $337.00

These sticks were made by George Milwald. This is one of the 17 original sets he made about 10 years ago.. They have never been used.

They are specifically designed to perform the Roy Benson Routine. They travel at slightly different speeds by design.  The red sticks are subtlety marked so you know the difference. Please read the notes from the Magic Cafe below.  If they are good enough for Teller and Scott Alexander they should be good enough for you.

If the look seems familiar it is not by accident.  The work was so tedious and time consuming that George gave the rights to Norm Nielsen who took over from there.  These however are one of the 17 sets that George made himself and are in mint condition. An extraordinary find for a performer, or collector.  Complete including the original extra cord George included, and a video DVD. I have photographed the detailed sheet that came with the set as well. Please read it.

Estimate $450-650

*** NO Reserve Price ***
Item condition: New

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From the Magic Cafe

A while ago I was in Denny and Lee’s
Magic Studio here in Las Vegas.
I was entering as Teller was leaving.
They were all buzzing inside Denny’s about these sets of Chinese sticks that George Millward made. Apparently, after Teller handled them, he fell in love with them. After hearing that I had to check them out for myself.
George Millward took me in the back of the shop and showed me their virtues. I bought two sets.

No hype, no opinion. Just the facts. This is why I agree with Teller that George Millward’s sticks are the state of the art.

They are only 11 inches long, making them very easy to handle and carry around in my pocket. The tassels are long and highly visible, like the set Roy Benson used.
You also get 3 sticks, if you want to do a 3 stick routine.
The sticks have hollow screws on the back if you want to add a dummy cord you can cut with a scissor.
George gives you a lot of extra cord and if it runs out you can find this particular “special” cord online or at any home depot.
The sticks are constructed of aluminum with a pulley system using brass weights sliding on 16 Teflon ball bearings.
They run extremely smooth and silent.
The exterior is what makes these particular sticks gloriously deceptive. George expertly covers the aluminum with a beautiful oak veneer. These sticks appear to be just solid wood. No one would suspect they are hollow.
In my opinion George under priced his Chinese sticks , considering the huge amount of work and time it takes to make them.
How can George Millward make these so exquisitely perfect?
It all made sense to me when I discovered that George Millward’s extreme attention to precision quality combined with aesthetic beauty is because he is a master luthier.
His guitars sell upwards from $8,000.

I highly recommend George Millward’s
Chinese Sticks. Even if you have never owned this classic of magic, you will be inspired by them.
I heard Teller was that day and so was I.


I use Georges sticks in my presentation. They are simply perfect! Scott Alexander

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